Think you know hockey? Think again. There's a new game in town. Rush Hockey. Do you love the rush of a team sport, but never find the time to commit to one? Now there's a game that fits around your life. It's fast. It's furious. It's fun.
It's indoors, it's outdoors. It's smaller pitches.
It's 5-a-side. Now you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Come and get involved players

Whether you join as a team or an individual, we accommodate all abilities and all playing equipment is provided!

If you're 16+ getting started is simple! Use the ‘Where To Play’ link to search for teams and activity in your area. Clicking on a red and yellow highlighted venue icon shows the details of sessions at that venue and whether they are hosting league activity, pay and play activity or both.

Pay and Play activity

Individual players can register for open pay and play sessions without needing to be part of a team. If there is an active pay and play session in your area simply click on the activity icon, click ‘Register for session’ and this will then automatically inform the venue host that you wish to take part in that activity.

League activity

The great thing about the Rush Hockey website is that you can create your own Rush Hockey team with your friends or people in your local area. If you would like to create a Rush Hockey team then select to become a ‘Team Manager’ when you register (or by editing your user details in the Red Room). Once your team is created you can use the site to easily invite your friends to join your team or allow other Rush Hockey players registered on the site to join.

If you are not part of a Rush Hockey team but would like to join one, use the ‘Where To Play’ link to search for teams looking to recruit players in your area (or click the 'Find Team' button in the Red Room of your player account). You can get more information about teams by clicking on the Rush Hockey player icons on the map. If you find a team you would like to be part of click the ‘Request to join team’ button and the team manager of that team will be informed of your request.

Team managers are able to enter their team into leagues by clicking on a chosen activity icon and then clicking ‘Sign up to league’ which will automatically inform the venue host that a specific team wishes to take part in their league.

Interested in running Rush Hockey sessions?

We currently have a whole range of delivery partners hosting Rush Hockey sessions including: FE colleges, universities, leisure providers, clubs and workplaces. There are numerous benefits of running Rush Hockey sessions, one of which is that it can be played on a variety of different playing surfaces. Interested in hearing more? Then e-mail us at rushhockey@englandhockey.co.uk